Screaming into the wind

I awoke today and tried to check out my favorite site on the web, ParMedia.

I received the dreaded message "This page cannot be displayed". Perhaps Parmedia is down only for maintenance, or perhaps it is gone for good. The ParMedia Team has been hinting that the site would be taken down. However they also told us there would be some warning.

I enjoyed ParMedia. The concept was simple enough. The idea should have worked. Something along the same lines worked for the "right wing" crowd at Free Republic. I wonder what ParMedia did wrong that it was not successful?

So if I want to get my thoughts "out there" I guess I am going to have to resort to a blog.

Probably no one will read my little blog... but I will have the satisfaction of writing it just the same.

At least I will not have to worry about censorship here. I can say (within reason) anything I want. Ain't America great!


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