Critiquing Jim Webb

(See here) where WTOP (Washington DC) reports on a Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll that shows Jim Webb with a slight lead over incumbent George Allen in a tight race for the US Senate in Virginia.

Now I wish to identify myself as a supporter of Jim Webb. I want to run George Allen out of office. However my support of Jim Webb does not lend itself to my reserving criticism of anything he does.

Case in point: What does Jim Webb think is the greatest challenge facing America? (See here), on his campaign website, where he identifies the following challenges.
There are many challenges facing Americans today: an unpopular war, skyrocketing health care costs, a shrinking job market and rising inequality in society.

Now I am not a tree hugging environmentalist, however I am appalled that global warming does not even rate an honorable mention in his list. Asked for the single biggest issue, and Jim Webb rattles off a list of four concerns and global warming is not included in the list.

Now everything he lists is a real concern. I would hope the person who represents me was concerned about all the issues he lists, however I am concerned that he seems to be completely unaware of the elephant that grazes within the herd of problems that face our nation.

Global warming is real. The polar ice caps are melting. Anyone of any intelligence who refuses to acknowledge the threat of global warming is either an idiot or dishonest. Some reasonable question can still exist as to what is the cause of global warming. Is it greenhouse gases or is it increased solar output? If it is greenhouse gases, then maybe we can do something about it. If it is increased solar output we are going to have to figure out how to live with it. But it is happening and we need to start planning for the future.

With all the other problems we face, how could this threat lead my list of challenges we face? (See here) where a Rense website piece written by Michael McCarthy reports that insurance industry experts feel global warming will bankrupt the world economy by 2065. That by that time the damage caused by global warming will exceed the ENTIRE world's GDP. Have you got that? If every man woman and child then alive on the earth worked as hard as they could to only repair the damage done, their efforts will fall short of repairing the damage done.

Now Jim Webb seeks to represent one of America's coastal states. It is fairly certain that Virginia will be severely impacted due to rising ocean levels. It is going to be a roll of the dice for interior states, but my money would be on even most of those states will be impacted by droughts and floods as their climate changes. At least with interior states it would be a gamble. Due to rising ocean levels, the impact is certain for Virginia.

But Jim Webb can not even include this FACT in his list of things he is most concerned about.

Jim Webb might still be preferable to George Allen to represent Virginia in the US Senate, however he too is going to leave a lot to be desired.


Blogger Bo Gardiner said...

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10/08/2006 09:59:00 AM  
Blogger Bo Gardiner said...

I am researching this very issue, trying to find the motivation and information I need to campaign for Webb.

I suppose he's taking environment voters for granted, given that Allen has one of the most well-documented anti-environmental track records seen in recent years in this country. So Webb must be given a chance.

But with the polls showing a majority worried about climate-change impacts, which may already be serious along Virginia's coast, it's a major strategic error.

Webb may have my vote, but he does not have my most energetic support as a campaigner, and that could cost votes (if many others are struggling with this as I am, as I believe they are).

10/08/2006 10:06:00 AM  

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