Poll Suggests Israelis Willing to Negotiate

(See here) the results of a poll that comes from the Israeli Peace Now website that suggests the majority of Israelis really are willing to negotiate on a final peace agreement. This poll was conducted in January 2007.

I note the following results:

- 70.2% favor beginning negotiations on a final status agreement.

- 64.5% favor entering into negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas while an almost equal percentage, 62.6% oppose entering into negotiations with Hamas.

This survey was taken prior to the Mecca Agreement which might yield a "unity government" that would form a government with majority representation that does not acknowledge Israel's right to exist. I wonder what a poll of Israelis after this development would yield?

Poll question: Are you in favor of, or opposed to, negotiating with a Palestinian unity government that insists on the right to destroy you during the "peace" that results after negotiations?

I would not be surprised if the majority of Israelis bucked at these conditions for negotiations.


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