Calling All Moderates

Calling all moderates!

Victory in the Presidential Primaries is within our grasp. We might actually end up having two highly qualified candidates to choose between come November, however in these next critical days we need to act.

While some independent moderates might be tempted to presume the McCain candidacy is guaranteed, I would ask you to consider what would happen if Mike Huckabee makes a strong showing tomorrow in the scheduled primaries. With a strong showing, the extreme right wing of the Republican Party might start thinking they have an alternative to John. They might circle the wagons around the more ideologically pure Huckabee. The momentum could then shift to Huckabee and we would then be faced with Huckabee representing the Republican Party. Huckabee can't overcome the odds? Well who was willing to take the Giants without the point spread in the Superbowl and who ended up winning? Do not underestimate the threat to the McCain campaign from the Huckabee campaign now that Romney is out of the picture. Tomorrow McCain needs to dampen the rush towards Huckabee.

But what about the Democratic primary? Personally I could live with either of the two Democratic candidates that stand a chance of winning the nomination being elected President. It is my opinion that if the Democratic Party wants a Democrat to be elected as president, they had better nominate Hillary. It is my appraisal that Barack will be unable to withstand the barrage of half truths that he will be facing once he is the official standard bearer. I would be willing to bet better then even money that McCain would win if faced with a Democratic nomination of Barack Obama. Against Mike Huckabee, the odds makers would have to give me better odds that Mike could come out the winner when faced by Obama, but the odds would not need to be that much less then even money. The Obama campaign is going to face that much difficulty when the half truths start to be brought up about his upbringing. The overwhelming support he enjoys from the African-American community will probably even be eroded.

So what do we have to do? We need to be sure that come 2009 we get someone we can live with sitting making the decisions in the Oval Office. Tomorrow we throw our support behind John McCain. Once we push John over the top, we can concentrate on the Democratic nomination.

Now, it is my understanding that left leaning moderates have been trending towards supporting Barack Obama thus far in the primaries. Understand this. Barack Obama is going to have a strong showing tomorrow no matter how you vote. Momentum is already going to be his come Wednesday morning. However there are reasons to reasonably doubt Barack will ever occupy the Oval Office and these reasons go beyond the color of his skin. If the victor is going to end up being a Republican, which Republican candidate do you want it to be?

Remember moderates, the victor come November not only needs to keep his/her base but win a majority of the squishy center. I'm thinking that much of the squishy center is going to end up turning against Barack down the line once he faces serious opposition from the right wing.

Once we push John McCain over the top we can concentrate on attempting to assist the Democratic base to choose a competitive candidate.

Now, let me fully explain my agenda. My agenda is to get candidates from both parties that are capable of rushing towards the center. It is my opinion that Hillary Clinton and John McCain possess the potential of best being able to survive the rush to the center. Both candidates could remain competitive while they attempt to prove how they are the more centrist candidate... and thus potentially be able to come even further towards the center.

As for Democratic leaning moderates who prefer Obama, let me state that it is my opinion that an Obama candidacy is apt to result in a Republican victory come November. While you might prefer Barack understand that just because he wins the Democratic nomination does not mean he would automatically win the general election. He is going to be facing spirited and often dirty opposition. If your preferred candidate ends up losing, who do you want the victor to be?

John McCain tomorrow. We can decide who represents the Democrats afterwards. Neither an Obama or Clinton candidacy would be a disaster if either should ultimately win, however a Huckabee candidacy could result in serious disaster.

Calling all moderates!


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