Health Care - Too Little Too Late

I have an idea for where I think the national health care debate should be heading. Too little too late.

My idea (or belief) is that every citizen should enjoy the right to a basket of health benefits that are proven to be cost effective and nothing more. Every citizen gets basic health care coverage no matter who they are or how able they are to otherwise pay for it. If they want better coverage then that, they purchase supplemental insurance.

I understand that my idea is going to please few. Some Republicans will say this will be rationed health-care and my response is that any citizen can avoid the rationing by enrolling in a supplemental coverage plan. Some Democrats will say it does not go far enough and that every citizen must have the right to an expensive heart transplant and my response is that we need to cut costs and can not afford to provide the latest, greatest and most expensive health care treatments to all of our citizens since health care costs already are bankrupting us.

I was motivated to make this posting by this Associated Press piece which appeared on the PilotOnline website.

In general, this piece reports that action on a national health care plan is falling along party lines. If anything is going to be done, it is dependent only on agreement by the Democrats as all of the Republicans are going to remain lockstep in opposition.

Well my opinion is that there are enough moderate to conservative Democrats in the one party majority to represent the interests of every reasonable citizen in our nation. The Republicans are being totally unreasonable in their stance. After all, we need to do something. It was not that long ago that Republicans held all the reigns in both houses of Congress as well as in the Oval Office and during this time period nothing was done. Now that they are in minority they suddenly have all these great ideas that for some reason did not come to fruition while they were in power.

Personally, what Congress is considering does not match my own ideas of that which would be perfection, but at least it is something. I am in favor of something because it is better then nothing. If that which is done turns out to be less then perfect, well then we can fine tune it or completely abandon it and start over later. However, as far as I am concerned, doing nothing is not an option and that is where I see the Republicans lining up in favor of once again.


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