Who am I?

Who am I?

Well, I am a retired Navy CPO. I did nearly 21 years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club. Most of the time I was responsible for maintaining Radars, although my experience in the Navy was a little more varied then that.

Since the little retirement check I get from the US Government is not enough to live on let alone enough to put my kids through college I have taken up a second career. I bought a truck (an 18 wheeler tractor) and now I am a self employed truck driver.

I am married (more or less happily) with three kids. I would just say happily married if I was not pretty certain my wife would disagree with me. I am happy with her, however I must confess I do not treat my wife half as well as she deserves to be treated. I struck gold when I got my woman to say yes!

That is a pretty good start on describing myself.


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