How do Israeli settlements expand in Palestine?

How do Israeli settlement expand in Palestine? (See here) this Haaretz article by Akiva Eldar that discusses the issue.

That link is not provided for Israeli citizens. Unless Israeli citizens have had their heads stuck in the sand (or stuck up their ass - grin) they already know what has been going on. The link is only provided for "the rest of us".

Truth is that Israel's settlement enterprise has been grounded upon that which "most of us" would define as being unacceptable. I am not saying that "most of us" would resort to being suicide bombers. I would hope that "most of us" would have the courage to become suicide rock throwers or something. Is there a chance that the rock might kill someone? Yeah, but we would have to do something. Chances are the rock would only register a loud "ding" to signal our displeasure with what is going on. Hopefully the TV cameras would be present to film what happened to us as we are gunned down for throwing rocks due to the injustice we were expected to silently endure.

The Israeli settlement policy is founded upon most of us accepting "facts on the ground" as Israel continues the land grab. Even during the Oslo process this land grab was not paused, it was accelerated. "Get it while you can boys!"

Me? If I was a Palestinian? I'd be throwing rocks, the larger the better. I think I might pray for some TV coverage as I sacrificed my life. But even if the TV cameras were not there, my arm would be chucking the rocks. God would be my witness even if no one else was.

In Israel proper they throw rocks at cars who's drivers dare to drive on Shabbat. I guess it is only fair that Palestinians throw rocks at those who seek to confiscate their olive groves no matter what day of the week it happens.

Me? While I would be chucking rocks at Israeli settlers who tried to build his home on the land my olive grove once stood, I would also chuck rocks at the Palestinian who attempted to become a suicide bomber.

I guess my life would be pretty short in the Middle East. I would probably be met with a shower of bullets from BOTH sides. But that would not stop me. I would stand for JUSTICE, and I would chuck rocks at ANY side that opposes it.


Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

I have always felt for the Palestinian's cause. However, messages from the Holy Spirit on The Holy Inheritance blog and the Christian Prophet blog are convincing me that the Palestinians have turned away from spiritual solutions and decided to pursue the goal of death. I will continue to pray for Palestinians, but it's getting hard to support the end justifies the means.

12/27/2005 05:07:00 PM  
Blogger Little David said...

Heh Heh, Christian Prophet, I agree with some of what you say.

Will you agree with me on this?

When Jesus comes back to us he is going to throw ALL OF US into hell.

Of course he might be merciful. That is our hope. But he if that is true he will be as merciful to our enemies as he is to us. Go read your Bible. Concentrate on the Gospels.

12/27/2005 07:11:00 PM  

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