Judge Alito is a right wing activist

(See here) an article from the Washington Times that seems to point out that Judge Alito is too much of a right wing activist to become Justice Alito.

I do not care what fancy arguments the right wing comes up with to support the nomination of Judge Alito. In my opinion he would be an activist Justice. The right wing belly aches about left wing activist judges and I wish they would stop. It is not activist judges they do not like. Their support of Judge Alito's nomination proves they value judicial activism as long as it is right wing judicial activism.

They specifically targeted the conservative Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez as being unacceptable to them for nomination. Why? Because he has a history of not being an activist. He has a history of judicial restraint and the right wing will not tolerate restraint.

Well even if Senators who try to portray themselves as "moderates" will not have the courage to speak up against the extremist nominee Judge Alito I am going to do so. He might be qualified to serve as a Supreme Court Justice but I think the right wing extremists are already well represented on the bench. It is time for the rest of society to get some representation on the bench. When is the Senate going to start insisting some moderates get a voice?

Judge Alito is the favorite of the most extremist right wing elements within America. I am unwilling to surrender one third of my government to these extremists. If we surrender the battle to them now, more drastic and extreme measures might become necessary to "retake" our Supreme Court in the future.

I support whatever elements of the Senate which oppose Judge Alito's nomination, and I fervently hope that the Democrats will filibuster this nomination. I also demand that any Senator who wishes to be identified as a moderate will support this filibuster. It is time for moderates to stand up to the right wing extremists and say we get a voice too.


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