Bibi isn't an extremist?

Bibi isn't an extremist? (See here) this Haaretz article where Bibi tries to claim that what remains of the Likud party is not extremist.

But actions speak louder then words. Bibi has granted Silvan Shalom the number two spot on the Likud list. I do not take this action as being a signal towards moderation. I am a personal witness that Silvan Shalom was willing to resort to lies when he spoke to the American people about what is going on in his nation. He tried to twist the truth to further his right wing extremist goals to win the support of the American people.

The Israeli people might know what is going on in Israel and Palestine, but when the American people need to hear about it they need to hear the truth. When Israel sent Silvan Shalom to America to speak as Foreign Minister they sent America a snake.

By putting such a man in the number two spot, a "sneaky" right wing extremist, while trying to distance himself from the "obvious" right wing extremist Moshe Feiglin, Bibi exposes himself as being a political opportunist. He is not giving up on his goals, he is just willing to divorce himself from those who speak of his goals obviously.


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Blogger Michael said...

Don't you just HATE comments spam?

And while I'm at it, we Australians think that Ugg-wearing Americans are nuts. Ugg-boots are indoor boots (think of them as a glorified slipper for cold weather).

I agree with your sentiments with regards to Netanyahu. He is indeed a right wing extremist and a politcal opportunist.

Michael Tam

12/21/2005 11:11:00 PM  
Blogger Little David said...

I normally delete comments like that when they appear. I'll leave this one since you commented on it.

12/22/2005 06:34:00 AM  

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