What do the experts say about Global Warming

What do the experts say about Global Warming? Are these experts taking into account the possibility of solar output increases as being part of the problem? Are they all just a bunch of wacko environmentalists? For a rather impressive, reasonable, educated, and rational discussion (see this) article from the New Scientist. (The author speaks of temperature increases in centigrade, so as a refresher, let me remind you that 1 degree of change in centigrade equals 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.)

I wish to thank the author for at least trying to keep the article to something approaching plain language so that the "average Joe" can understand what he has to say, although you still must have your thinking hat on. I imagine he even kept things simple enough that Rush Limbaugh and his Ditto Heads might stand a chance of comprehending what is being said, but that might be a stretch - grin.

I also observed that the author pointed out that decreasing some air pollutant emissions could actually lead to an increase in global warming, with this example given: "So efforts to cut pollution by using technologies such as scrubbers to remove sulphur dioxide from power station stacks could trigger a surge in temperatures." This suggests to me that at least some experts are not "raging environmentalists" who will only analyze the data from a predetermined conclusion.

The article in the above link is only an example of what the experts think. I am certain that other experts might find fault with some of the points the author makes, however it does serve as an example of the debate going on between climate experts. It proves to me that they indeed might know something that Rush Limbaugh does not know. Either Rush Limbaugh is not a climate expert or he is aware of the arguments and he just does not care.

I'd like to see all the right wing radio talk show hosts invite someone like this author, Fred Pearce, onto their shows. Will they dare? Rush Limbaugh should at least include links to "alternative viewpoints" like this one in the links he provides on the subject of climate change at his web site. Of course that might be asking for too much. That would be asking Rush Limbaugh and his clones to act responsibly when they start discussing the fate of mankind, and I have not heard any evidence that they would be willing to do so.

As for me? After having sampled the opinion of an expert like Fred Pearce, I think I am going to value his opinion over that of a blowhard like Rush Limbaugh.


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