Anti-smoking Nazis

From the Washington Post comes this article where the anti-smoking nazis are trying to restrict a smoker's right to light up in his own home. (see here)

If I thought what the article speaks of was not just the opening salvo of an effort to persecute the minority I wouldn't be so concerned about it. Truth is the anti-smoking Nazis are not just satisfied with me not smoking in public places. They are upset that I can still smoke in the privacy of my home or in my own vehicle.

They are only concerned about the health of my children? OK then let us broaden the debate to other harmful behaviors. I do not want parents to be allowed to permit their children to snow ski, skate board, walk home from school unattended etc etc. If we are going to stick our noses that far into how parents raise their children let us hold a majority vote on whether children should be either "forced to" or "not allowed to" attend Sunday school because this greatly affects the mental health of our children.

In the state of New Jersey one legislator seriously tried to make it illegal to smoke in your vehicle while it was in operation. No prohibition against eating a hamburger or drinking a cup of coffee while driving, only smoking would be targeted. Try telling me he's not an anti-smoking Nazi.

I know one thing for sure. I do not presently own a gun. But if they ever try to tell me I can't smoke a cigarette in the privacy of my home I am going to buy one. Anyone trying to come to my door trying to enforce this prohibition is going to be met with gunfire, and I will not be taken alive.


Blogger Michael said...

I entirely agree that smoking around children in the home is harmful to their health and parents should serious consider kicking the habit.

At the same time, one does have to recognise that we allow a certain latitude to many parental "styles" and people do have a right to bring up their children the way they want to (within reason).

As such, I'm forced to agree that these laws seem somewhat disproportionate and should probably not exist.

Michael Tam

12/16/2005 09:01:00 PM  

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