Bush caves

Bush caves to McCain (see here).

Instead of clear vision we get murky waters.

Dubyah won the "concession" from McCain that interrogators would be subjected to the same rules as that contained in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. What a concession. That means he caved.

What we now have here is that the individual soldier (or CIA agent) must choose to obey either the law or obey the orders that might come from the Commander In Chief himself. Each American citizen must choose for himself. But watch out, after you choose you will be judged. You will be subjected to the judgement of a jury of your peers.

The UCMJ offers no protection. If you choose to obey an "unlawful order" no matter from where the order came from you are subject to prosecution.

The "new law" is going to leave it up to us. We are going to have to become Constitutional experts ourselves to decide which way we are to go. Our leadership does not choose to give us leadership on this matter. They are going to force us each to decide for ourselves. They purposely muddy the waters by saying each individual will be left out into the currents of the wind to fend for themselves. God help us that we should expect government to be the wind vain.

Senator McCain, you already had the votes to explicitly define that we should bow down to our enemy. Why did you back down? What caused you to compromise?

Well McCain's compromise is not acceptable to me. I do not wish for those who carry out the "will of the people" to be prosecuted because Senator McCain says they need to be. I want our laws to reflect the "will of the people" and where Senator McCain leads us is against the will.

I am willing to concede that "mob rule" is not a wise way to lead our nation. But we Americans have had enough time to recover from 9-11 so that panic no longer rules. Our opinion, after long careful thought, is that torture is SOMETIMES justified. As much as we might choose to duck the issue, the issue is that we are engaged in a war. I think we owe it to our warriors, whether they serve in the uniformed services, or serve in a suit in the CIA, to define the limits of what we find acceptable. I do not choose to accept that we can always depend on the jury because OJ was found innocent. I want to offer my warriors more protection then this.

If Senator McCain offers that the only protection offered to loyal Americans is this I stand against him. If Dubyah supports him I stand against him as well.


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