Why I am not a Libertarian

From Lew Rockwell comes this defense of Libertarianism. (see here)

Libertarianism is chaos. Libertarianism means many things to many people. When you choose to sample the opinion of a Libertarian you only sample the chaos. It is only a collection of people who band together because they together think big government is bad and by enduring only the least amount of government possible we can achieve the Garden of Eden.

OK Lew, just which parts of central government should we abandon?

How about we abandon common defense? Let each state, or better yet county, decide how it is going to defend itself. No need for common defense. Each county acting on its own will make it too difficult for any enemy to attack us. They will not figure out how to pick us off one by one because? What? We'll band together in common defense? Will people in Alabama counties be motivated to ride to the rescue of people from New York counties?

Let us abandon the level playing field. While the majority of Americans might be motivated to limit pollution of our waterways and air, in the pursuit of "absolute freedom" and "no limitations" we will allow one county to pollute the water for all the other counties downriver and the air for everyone downwind. (The occupants of this county have nothing to fear. The water they draw comes from upriver and the winds that blow away the soot comes from upwind where the "other" counties are environmentalists.)

Let us abandon some type of social justice. Let us continue to believe that "the masses" are going to sit quietly by while they slave away at minimum wage jobs and can not afford health care or even to keep warm in the winter. "Them people" are just going to sit back and continue to watch the wealthy drive by in their limousines in our land of "absolute freedom" and not become motivated to exercise THEIR RIGHTS to utilize the arms they have because of THEIR RIGHTS to "keep and bear arms". Perhaps some left wing billionaire will exercise HIS absolute freedom to distribute arms to the "masses" and ferment a communist revolution?

Need I go on? The Libertarian position is that with less government we are going to be better off. They each have their own particular portion of government that needs to expire. When you band them all together what you end up with is chaos. With "no government", without anyone looking over our shoulder keeping us reasonable, we will somehow live in a more civilized society. They think this will lead to Eden.

I am saying it ain't so. Perhaps (probably) a "New World Order" is not what we desire. But I do not want to experiment with chaos. We Americans have figured out how to maintain order while still providing motivation and rewards to those who do good things for us. Libertarianism would destroy the order and lead to chaos. I do not need to take more then a step or two down that path before I realize where that path leads.

Communism from the left wing is bad. Libertarianism from the right wing is bad. Both paths lead to destruction, they just take a different route.


Blogger Wirkman Virkkala said...

A remarkably contentless rant. When libertarians argue for "limited government," they are indeed arguing for government -- according to specific rules. And yes, they've specified what those rules are.

12/17/2005 12:04:00 AM  

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