Spanked on Charley Reese

I was spanked about my links to Charley Reese.

Somehow my link to his column ended up being a link to King Syndicates sales page. I guess in the future if I want to link to one of Charley's articles, I am going to have to find a web page that actually pays to have his articles included in their content.

I am not sure how my link ended up being changed, however I understand the message that was being sent through this action.

Charley makes his living off of his keyboard. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. Truth is if I had a web page that generated a little revenue I probably would include Charley's column in the fare that I presented. I like his column that much. I wouldn't mind giving Charley his cut. I wish I could figure out how to make a living off my keyboard like Charley does. My guess is that I will have to continue driving a truck for a living though. If for no other reason I bet I would buck at having to be politically correct if you take up writing for a living. Me? I love the freedom to be totally outrageous with what I write if I feel the desire or need. If someone tried to tell me "You can't say that." I would be apt to say it just to prove I could and there would go my living.

Anyway I googled "Charley Reese" and came up with a few hits where I can "legally" link to Charley. Chances are that any of the web pages that came up might also contain some other fare that I will find stimulating.


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