When it comes time to vote, please be forgiving

Next fall when it comes time to place your vote, please be forgiving.

When your politician returns home and says, "I was in favor of the war and cast my vote in favor of it when it counted, but now see the error of my ways." Please be forgiving.

When your politician returns home and says, "I voted in favor of tax cuts for the most fortunate while voting to increase government spending. But now I see the error of my ways and really, please trust me, I do want to balance the budget. I have a plan that will do this and no one will have to sacrifice. This plan promises everything to everyone and no one has to pay." Please be forgiving.

When your politician returna home and says, "I know you can see the effects of Global Warming for yourself. I know I was amongst those that called that into question, but who can blame me? I understand the experts tried to warn us, but I was not an expert. I was just like you and I led you into doubting what the experts had to say. I understand we have a problem coming up with the energy supply for America's energy needs tomorrow. I have a plan. We'll drill in the ANWR for oil. That will meet our energy needs now and we'll come up with a plan for our later needs later. I am not sure what this plan will be, but I will finally be willing to listen to the experts when the time comes." Please be forgiving.

Do you want me to continue?

I will ask you to be forgiving. But if you hear that kind of crap out of your politicians, while it might be best to forgive, it will still be better to vote for someone else. Of course you can always just watch what they do between now and then and judge them for what they do instead of listening only to the crap they will tell you as election day approaches.

You might have to forgive. You ain't gotta forget.


Blogger Anonymous Assclown said...

Would you be more apt to those who stood by their previous votes?

12/06/2005 03:52:00 PM  
Blogger Little David said...

I am willing to forgive.

I am against those who come home to their constituents and say one thing and go back to Washington and do something else.

If someone voted for something and has the backbone to still stand behind it, even if they are a fool, I will at least respect them. But I will still call them a fool.

I am not sure just what it is we have more of in Washington. Fools or liars. I think a solid minority lie and lead the fools into following them for a solid majority.

12/06/2005 04:20:00 PM  
Blogger Little David said...

Perhaps anonymous coward's comment deserves a better answer then my previous simplistic answer.

You know who gets my vote?

Someone who tells me the truth. Someone who tries to lead.

I have no liking for someone who tells obvious lies but who tries to explain it away on simplistic terms. If he (or she) dares to at least acknowledge my point of view and has a rational explanation for having an alternate viewpoint I can at least respect them.

I do not respect the politician that only tries to stay in front of the herd. They are not in this for leadership they are only in this for personal gain. They will not lead they will only set their sails into the prevailing winds and from what I see of society, society does need leadership.

It is not wrong for a leader to realize he is off course and try to correct his course (this would be admirable). But if the politician only allows himself/herself to be directed by the currents, and only realizes he was off course after he is on the rocks? I have a problem with that.

Personally, when I vote for someone to lead me I am not looking for someone to follow me. If I am wrong I want him to rationally explain where I am in error and lead me to the correct course. However too long have I suffered in silence and listened to these politicians explain to me how I was wrong while they just loot the national treasure chest. I am fed up with it.

12/06/2005 04:40:00 PM  

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