If they're not asking for a bailout what are they asking for?

America's automobile industry insists it is not asking for a bailout. (see here)

OK, if we are not going to call it a bailout what are we going to call it?

Seems to me Detroit enjoyed a decade of healthy profits. Did Detroit invest the profits into the future market? While Japanese carmakers were investing in hybrid cars Detroit was investing in the newest, most stylish version of their gas guzzling SUVs.

But perhaps we can find some common ground? Detroit wants to save themselves and we want Detroit to finally start doing what we want? What do I propose?

We put a windfall profits tax on Big Oil. We use the tax revenue to give Detroit some of what they want. Not everything they want, just some of it. Detroit agrees to start accepting fuel economy (CAFE) standards and we start loosening up the purse strings. We only invest in what we want more of. We want increased fuel economy and alternative motive automobiles.

Some of what Detroit wants is reasonable. Some of what they want is absurd. We need to save Detroit if we can. But if Detroit trys to blackmail us we should allow Detroit to go down the tubes. Toyotas are being made in America now. "Made in America" Chevys probably have as many "foreign made" components in them as the Toyota I just bought, and my Toyota was assembled here in the good ole USA.

It need not be called a bailout if we are motivating Detroit (against their natural inclination) to do what we want. I want to save the world and I want Detroit's help.


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