Congress is going to solve the BCS for us

Congress is going to solve the College BCS for us. (see here)

Seems to me Congress should be spending a little more time on their own job rather then worrying about College Football. I wouldn't be totally against them sticking their fingers into where they are not needed if they could figure out how to do what we pay them to do. Like running government on a balanced budget.

How about we do this? We'll agree to allowing Congress to convene committees on the BCS and we allow College Football to convene committees of student athletes to balance the budget. While I am trying to be sarcastic I am left wondering if this might not be a good idea? We might actually end up with a balanced budget that way. Perhaps it is worth a try? The way we are doing it is not working.

Someone needs to tell Congress that disaster is not going to strike if the BCS ain't perfect. While the system might need some improvement College Football will be able to figure it out on its own. They do not need a bunch of inept imbeciles who can't even do their own job successfully trying to tell others how to do theirs.

Why are we holding hearings on the BCS when we should be holding hearings on how Congress can not balance the budget? If anyone thinks I am foolish to worry about the deficit let me quote from the USA Today about what the Federal Chairman has to say about the deficit: 'The deficit poses "a significant obstacle to long-term stability," Greenspan said.'

To Congress I say this: Stop worrying about the BCS, the BCS will do just fine without you. Start doing your own job before you start worrying about how others do theirs.


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