Waffle or change of opinion?

Is it wrong to change your opinion?

Dubyah road the "waffle" horse to victory in the last election and I guess we are stuck with the "never ever waffle" horse for the next three years.

Dubyah will never ever admit he was wrong. Even when cold facts slap him in the face he is going to get up in front of the TV camera and tell us he was right all along.

Is this what we want in a leader? Do we want a leader that refuses to be swayed by the debate? When confronted with the cold, hard facts, still refuses to budge? This is one reason I voted for Kerry. While Dubyah called his traits "waffling" I thought the traits were reasonable. There were many things about Kerry I did not like. But the man seemed to be willing to listen to reason. There was still some hope we could change his mind. Once we elected him everything was not set in stone. He was still willing to debate!

Instead we got Dubyah. He was right when he got elected and even if the situation changed after he got elected, well by George (second one not the first one) he is not going to waffle. He ran on certain items and he will be rock bottom not be swayed. His ways might lead us to the rock bottom of the lake but he will not be accused of waffling. Do not try to sway him with reason!

I still love Dubyah. You want to know what it is like? You still love your sibling even though they do their evil ways. You have got to keep loving them. Well I still love Dubyah. I just wish he didn't make it so damn difficult.


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