Writing my Senator about Judge Alito

I was motivated to write my Senator, Republican John Warner about the nomination of Judge Alito to become Supreme Court Justice Alito. Notice I did not include Virginia's other Senator, Republican George Allen in my writings because I would have considered it a waste of bandwidth. That man has already lost my vote, unless the Democrats nominate someone ridiculous to run against him. When I wrote to him (Allen) in the past, if I even received a reply, it just pissed me off. But Senator Warner is reasonable and he might actually even listen to his constituents. He's also a member of the moderate "Gang of 14" so this could fall on fertile ground.

So here is what I wrote:

Dear Senator Warner,

I write asking you to oppose Judge Alito's Senate approval as Supreme Court Justice. If you will not actively oppose him I urge you to allow the Democrats to filibuster if they should so choose.
If the Harriet Miers nomination had gone through you probably wouldn't have been hearing from me. I am not impossible to please, nor am I some radical left winger. I would have been overjoyed if Alberto Gonzalez had been nominated.

Please do not write back to me that Judge Alito deserves an up or down vote. That argument is off the table. Let me quote back to you your own statement about Harriet Miers. "I deeply regret the withdrawal of Harriet Miers as a nominee to the Supreme Court before she was given a fair chance to express her views and credentials for this important position. In effect, she was denied due process by members of her own party."

Harriet Miers won the endorsement of Reverend Dobson and Reverend Robertson. That's not conservative enough? If only the most extreme members of the GOP will be consulted about who is acceptable, it is going to lead to a Supreme Court that only represents the interests of the extremists.

I understand a no vote from you might be damaging politically. However I hope you show the same courage as when you joined the "Gang of 14" and will work towards convincing fellow members of the "Gang" to allow the Democrats to filibuster.


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