Newest update on the toilet seat

Newest update on the toilet seat.

Thanksgiving is come and gone.

Once again my failings have been exposed.

What failings? My wife exposed me. Her birthday came and went without even a birthday present. She had to remind me to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Now don't condemn me too much. My wife knows and understands the deal. I turn her loose with the charge card. Every need or want she feels can be immediately be fulfilled. But her wants are my wants. We both want our kids to make their way through college.

My wife deserves to be showered with diamonds but she keeps her desires in check because we have children in tow. We can't afford both diamonds and college tuition for our kids. But she deserves diamonds.

So call me a wimp. But I have decided I will give her the gift of the toilet seat. If she only asks me to put down the toilet seat? I can't afford to give her diamonds. I can't remember her birthday. Maybe I can give her the gift that counts?

I do not understand why this saint I have for a wife continues to love me. But I do know that the toilet seat is going DOWN from now on. I just hope she continues to be the saint and forgive me when I forget to do it on 3rd and goal! She has got to realize I am STILL only a man. Geez, what does she expect out of me? Grin.


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