Drug tests for Doctors

Drug tests for Doctors.

It is about time society in its relentless call for justice starts admitting to the obvious.

If American society is going to call for drug testing of truck drivers (which already is a fact) we better also call for the same from Doctors.

Hey, Doctors are better people then truck drivers aren't they? Have you been reading the news? Seems them Doctors are no better people then ordinary people. They invest in MRI machines and then prescribe MRI tests to enrich themselves. But them "Doctors" are special. Because they are "so learned" they will not fail us.

Ahem. Seems to me the Doctor attempting the surgery with a hangover is as much at fault as the ordinary man attempting to drive a truck with a hangover. There is nothing special about the Doctor that keeps him from being "ordinary". He only has an education and that education is no less valuable then that which (for example) our teachers go through.

Doctors can even prescribe controlled drugs for themselves and partake of them. After partaking of them they can even conduct surgery. A truck driver can not drive a truck without the threat of a drug test but the truckdriver can not prescribe drugs to himself. Is this reasonable? While the threat to public safety from a drug addict putting his truck into gear can not be underplayed, what about the threat from the drug addict taking up surgery?

Every day we hear about how some Doctor failed one patient or another. You hear about this more often then you hear about the evil truck driver. More Americans can attest to the failings of the Doctor then can attest to the failings of the truckdriver. Let's put Doctors to random drug testing just like truck drivers.

Truckdrivers are already subject to drug testing. After we start including Doctors for the sake of public safety we can start debating how we should also include politicians.


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