Thinking about Anthrax

Remember the Anthrax attacks? Ho-hum, yesterdays news right?

But did you forget the panic and frenzy this put us into right after the 9-11 attacks?

A lot of time and a lot of water under the bridge has happened since the attacks.

Our law enforcement has had ample time to uncover the truth for us and evidently they were incapable.

So what conclusions, from the available facts, are we to draw? Terrorists were behind 9-11 but who was behind the Anthrax attacks? Why did the attackers attack only those who the letters were addressed to and not address the attacks to, for example, the Whitehouse?

Perhaps this individual (or group) was motivated by desire for personal gain. But evidently he (or they) were motivated by something else. Who were the targets? Mass media and left wing leaders. The perpetrator attempted to stampede both public opinion and those who might be peaceniks into ACTION.

Time has told us that the attack must have come from a western power, perhaps from within our own ranks from some lone, evil, genius. However it can not be denied that the culprit, who might have been motivated for personal gain, was also motivated with a right wing slant on politics. When he attacked politicians he attacked only Democrats.

The culprit clearly tried to tie the attacks back to Moslems, thus strengthening the stampede. If the perpetrator had no interest in politics whatsoever he would have mailed at least one of his attacks to the Whitehouse.

What I am left to wonder is just who would have had most to gain from pouring gasoline on the hatred for Moslems that sprouted after 9-11? If the culprit was only motivated by personal greed then why the selection of targets?

Are you satisfied with the explanation our government provides? No explanation at all?

Perhaps if the some Republicans had been attacked there would be more interest.


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