Scolding Environmentalists

First let me say that some conservatives might accuse me of being an environmentalist myself. However I would point out to the conservative that if I chose to try and take up the label, the environmentalists would start screaming "You're no environmentalist." So I will simply call myself a "concerned citizen".

What am I concerned about? I am concerned about Global Warming. Let me explain myself. I am a long haul truck driver. Every day, as I travel from city to city with my own eyes I can see the freakish weather patterns we are being subjected to. It is my belief that this freakish weather may only be the start. It is like the first whispers of wind before the big storm blows in. We haven't seen anything yet.

And when I tune in talk radio on my music box, I can hear clowns like Rush Limbaugh downplaying the threat. Remember the record breaking blizzard up in Buffalo? Rush said something like "See the blizzard? What Global Warming?" And Rush's simpleton audience chimes in with "Ditto Rush," refusing to analyze the occurrence and realizing that yes, there too is evidence of Global Warming. How could this be so? Up till the blizzard upstate New York was experiencing a very mild winter. Normally by that time the Great Lakes would have started to cool off and freeze over. But not that year. When a cold Arctic front finally did sweep down from Canada, the cold winds swept over the warm moisture laden air over the lakes, picked up the moisture and dumped it as snow on Buffalo. So yes Ditto Heads, even blizzards can be explained by Global Warming. I would suggest you guys get a new ringmaster for your circus. Rush is only suitable to be the clown that he is, and a second rate clown at that.

But at least I can understand Rush. Rush has an agenda and his agenda is to convince the American people to keep our heads stuck in the sand and ignore the problem. Maybe it will go away. But what about the environmentalists? What is their excuse?

What problem do I have with the environmentalists? Haven't you been paying attention? They're trying to freeze us into inaction. Every time someone wants to try something to help America meet its energy needs in a way that lessens greenhouse gases the environmentalists come up with a reason why the action is unsuitable. They are going to freeze us into immobility, and NOTHING is going to end up being done.

Wind power? Why that kills migrating birds. Hydroelectric? We can't build new dams because it will prevent the "silver tailed poopy fish" from spawning. In fact they are doing their best to get us to tear old dams down instead of building new ones. Nuclear power? Why that generates nuclear waste. Solar power? I'm waiting to hear how those solar power panels are laden with hazardous materials and are going to cause a disposal problem once they start getting old and malfunctioning.

Someone slap them and tell those people to snap out of it. If the only solution that they will find acceptable is that we all become Amish or something they are going to be sorely disappointed. We're not all going to give up our air conditioning and our automobiles. You guys have not been part of the solution you have been part of the problem. Lead or follow, one or the other, but please, please quit standing in the way.

If every proposed solution is unacceptable to you then you are going to be successful in freezing us into immobility. America will still meet her energy needs, but we will just meet those needs with additional coal fired plants. Might as well. We can't make the environmentalists happy with anything so we might just as well do it the cheap way. At least we'll make West Virginia coal miners happy.

Environmentalists better start being realists. They are not going to be successful in saving every little species that walks on the face of this earth. If mankind is going to dominate this planet we are going to leave some footprints as we walk around. Think about it. We're dealing with a phenomenon that threatens life as we know it for all species. While you are busy protecting the "silver tailed poopy fish" Global Warming continues. The polar caps keep melting and sea levels rise. I would imagine that along with all the coastal wetlands all of the Florida Everglades are threatened with inundation. Just think about how many species will be wiped out when this happens. It is better to sacrifice a few species so that the majority can continue on.

So what do I suggest? Let's get busy and save this planet. Ignore the environmentalists because we're not going to make them happy anyway unless we all agree to become Amish or something and I do not see that happening. Once we have succeeded in reversing Global Warming and saved the world we can go back to trying to achieve perfection and making the environmentalists happy.

But first we have got to do something. The first thing we need to do is to tell the environmentalists to shut the hell up.


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