Cutting Federal Spending and Cutting Taxes

Well the Republican leadership is at it again. Once again they are proving to the American People they do not have a financially responsible brain cell in their heads.

Get this. They are asking us to accept spending cuts in the Federal Budget that they will use to make permanent tax breaks for the most fortunate in our society. Now I could maybe stomach the spending cuts if the savings were applied to a worthy cause like deficit reduction but that is not what is going to happen. It is going to be used to fund tax cuts. Remember how they were going to pay for Katrina relief? With spending cuts, right? But now they are going to use the savings for something else.

Despite how Congress tries to downplay the deficit the truth is that last year the deficit mushroomed to 668 Billion dollars. That is over 1.3 TRILLION dollars added to the Federal Charge Card every two years. Republicans expect the American People to pat them on the back for a job well done. As reported in the Washington Times: 'The message from Republican leaders was clear: "We as Republicans are working to rein in the size and scope and reach of the federal government," said Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, California Republican.'

Can you believe such nonsense? Republicans are spending and tax cutting us into the poor house and they expect us to be grateful!

How about some of you California Republicans write Mr David Dreier and explain some basic facts to him. Cutting spending and then turning around and wasting the savings on tax cuts for the fortunate does not lead to a balanced budget. What the heck do they teach in the schools over there on the left coast? Must be some of that "New Math". Nah, that's no excuse, today we have calculators. Perhaps that is the problem. Mr David Dreier does not know how to properly operate a calculator. Someone tell that man if he wants his calculator to say that 1+1=2 he has to hit the plus key not the minus key. If he needs a tutor he does not have to travel far, he can ask Senator Kent Conrad from North Dakota to give him a lesson or two. Senator Conrad? Now there is a man who can make a calculator sing!

I wish to thank the people of North Dakota for sending us someone like Kent Conrad. Senator Conrad might have to start giving other members of Congress remedial Math classes if we are ever going to balance the budget. If more of our citizens made sure the people they vote for can at least pass the Math portion of the "Standards of Learning" tests maybe we wouldn't have to worry about the Federal Government one day filing for bankruptcy. (Financial bankruptcy, they filed for moral bankruptcy long ago! Grin.)


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