Justice Alito? Nope.

Justice Alito? Nope, I stand against him.

I could take the easy way out and point out the obvious. Obvious factors like how even though Harriet Miers received the endorsement of staunch conservatives like Rev. Pat Robertson and Rev. Dobson, the most extremist conservatives rebelled against her.

Don't get me wrong. I was not a real fan of Harriet Miers. I was rooting for Alberto Gonzalez. However I was willing to consider Harriet. I did not recoil from her only because she was acceptable to conservatives. In fact, the more I heard about her the more I warmed to her. She had a rich history "growing up" to the woman she grew up into. I valued her history. But she was unacceptable to the minority.

Why do I say the minority? Because self identified conservatives do only poll about a third of our population. The majority of conservatives, as identified by the endorsement of Reverends Robertson and Dobson approved of her. The minority within the minority (the real extremists) objected and Dubyah buckled.

But the above was the easy stone to throw. Let us dig a little deeper. Let us look into the future of America if Judge Alito became Justice Alito. Let us think about how he would rule and how it would impact America. Let us THINK for once about how the loud mouthed extremists are going to be cackling the loudest about the America they live under as ruled upon by Alito.

Judge Alito is in favor of religion in our public schools. I do not object to a "moment of silence" because it allows every student to pray to their God on their own. Atheist students can meditate or something. But what is Judge Alito in favor of? He is in favor of allowing students to compile and present school reports on the Bible. What harm is there in that? Read on.

No harm if all your students (and more pointedly their parents) are Southern Baptists. But what if some of these students are Mormon? Or, gasp, what if a Moslem family moves into the neighborhood? What if the ten year old Moslem student wants to compile and present his school report based on the Quaran? Freedom of religion after all and how can the Moslem youth be denied? Who would object? Me? I would look at this as being an opportunity for our kids to learn to understand each other. But what about "other kids" parents?

Seems to me that the ones who would most strenuously object are the same ones who insist on allowing their children to preach Jesus in the schools. Their children should be allowed to preach Jesus, but if Moslem kids start preaching Mohammed they are going to have a problem with it.

This is the path that Judge Alito would lead us down if he becomes Justice Alito. I will grin in amusement as them extremists start objecting to that which they wrought.

Heck, these parents might be willing to stomach the Methodists, Presbyterian and Lutherans, but they are going to vomit when the Jewish, Unitarian, Roman Catholic, Mormon and Moslem kids start exercising their freedom of speech.

Our money says "In God we trust". It does not say "Jesus saves".

Get my point. If we follow the path the extremists have laid out for us not only are we not going to be happy but they are not going to be happy either. Of course nothing is going to make them happy. Even if Jesus returns they are going to point at him and say "That's not my Jesus."

So what does a "moderate" say? Or at least this moderate personally say? Nope to Judge Alito. Resubmit Harriet Miers and I will say OK. If you want to make me really happy nominate and approve Alberto Gonzalez.

But if the so called "moderate" Gang of Fourteen sits back and allows Judge Alito to become Justice Alito... well hang on for the ride. This could be a wild one.

Thank God they will only have four of nine. Kind of precarious when you are standing at the edge of the precipice isn't it?


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