Israel/Palestine Cease Fire

It has been several weeks since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

During this time we have had a period of relative calm in the Middle East.

Has this instance of calm been perfect? No it has not. But it has been one heck of a lot better then anything we have seen in the recent past.

Have the Palestinians been perfect in their adherence to the cease fire? No less then perfect. Has "our side", the Israeli side been perfect? As reported in the JPost, no we ain't been perfect either. (See here)

As reported, Israel has been busy rounding up 800 Palestinians during the "cease fire". Rather then releasing prisoners, Israel has been putting more under chains. I am not saying Israel need release prisoners now, but what about the cease fire? If the cease fire is going to take root the Israelis need to show some restraint as well.

If Israel is going to take actions that incite violence it is wrong for Israel to then point to the resulting violence as being proof of the inevitable. Yeah, violence is inevitable if Israel too remains committed to it.

A cease fire means cease fire from both sides. The cease fire can not be expected to be perfect from either side. But because it is not perfect from their side does not give our side Carte Blanche. Not unless we accept being judged by the same standard.

Will Israelis accept being judged, collectively, for the actions of the extremists in their midst?

If they choose to so not be judged they better allow Palestinians the same latitude.

Reasonable people trying to reach a reasonable conclusion is the goal. Rounding up 800 prisoners during the cease fire is not reasonable.

Israel too must honor the cease fire.

Let's get down to negotiations. Or is this what Israel, or at least Sharon, fears?


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