Election Reform

As reported by the New York Times, a bipartisan commission was convened to come up with suggestions for improvements to the American voter system.

This commission was chaired by both Jimmy Carter (we all know who he is) and James A Baker III, who was a top official under both Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

"We should have an electoral system," the commission declared, "where registering to vote is convenient, voting is efficient and pleasant, voting machines work properly, fraud is deterred and disputes are handled fairly and expeditiously."

I guess I could piss and whine about what the commission recommends. I do have some problems with what they recommend. But could I have come up with a better recommendation on my own then they have come up with?

OK, I will admit I probably could not. My own recommendation would better satisfy me, but would it satisfy everyone else? What they recommend is not perfect as I would define it, but is it close enough to perfect that we can all live with it?

I think what they propose is a step forward. I imagine they have spent much time thinking about the problems and have more access to the information pertinent then I have access to. Both men, from both sides, are men I respect and admire.

Their suggestions do not solve all the problems. They are only a step forward. I am willing to settle for progress. God knows we need help digging ourselves out of the mess we have currently got ourselves into. Jimmy Carter and James A Baker III have made a suggestion. I am willing to sign up!

Thanks Jimmy, and thank you James.


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