Hate Crimes

I received an Email from John Conyers. I won't call it SPAM because I asked for it. I want to hear what guys like him have to say.

However John Conyers asked for a response to what he had to say and then did not give a way to respond.

OK. I'll resort to my own way.

I "hate" hate crime legislation. Why? Because it is just so un-American. It is not enough for it to be illegal to punch ANYONE in the nose, some people need special protection.

OK, some people say it is necessary for "special" people to get "special" protection. OK, then I want "special" protection of my own. I have red hair and I have a big mouth. How about special protection for red heads with big mouths then?

The problem with hate crimes is that it leaves some people more vulnerable then others. If we make enforcement and punishment of "some people" more severe for some then it is for others we are turning our backs on the American ideal. A punch in the nose (an assault) on a red head with a big mouth should be equal to, but not more then, a punch in the nose for a black guy with a big mouth. Why should black guys have more right to a big mouth then for a "red headed step child" who happens to be white?

If we are going to keep coming up with "protected groups" of people that are subject to special protections then soon we are going to have a persecuted majority. How dare you be a white guy with blonde hair and at the same time a Southern Baptist? You're fair game.

I do not care why one fellah resorts to punching another in the nose. God knows if someone chooses to punch me in the nose I might deserve it (I will at least admit I have a big mouth.) but isn't the fact that it is illegal to punch ANYONE in the nose enough? Isn't it enough that if you assault ANYONE you will have to deal with the legal system?

Me? Well I have noted that there are no special protections offered to me by the legal system. Me? I am left wondering that if I ever wander through certain neighborhoods perhaps I would best be served by slipping on a pair of high heals while I tread there. Why? Because homosexuals get special protections that I do not get unless I wear the high heels. At least this way I might get the mugger to consider another target. 100 hours of community service for mugging the red head in sneakers vs 10 years in prison for mugging the red head in high heels. Maybe I can get him to choose another target.



Blogger Jeff said...

Haa. What happens if a person is a "mixed" race or bi-sexual...is it only half-a-hate crime if i beat the crap out of him??? mmmm???

9/16/2005 12:00:00 PM  
Blogger Little David said...

Putting Jeff's post in more civilized terms...

If we are going to keep coming up with protected groups of people, what happens when people meet some but not all of the definitions of the groups?

Do I have to divorce my wife and take up a boyfriend to be worthy of protection?

I can not change my skin color. I can not change my sex. But in order to not become a target must I put on high heels?

9/16/2005 12:38:00 PM  

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