Rebuilding New Orleans

We better not expect wisdom to come out of Washington.

Us American taxpayers are going to be expected to pay the bills for the checks Washington writes. We better give this some thought.

On PBS I watched as environmentalists made their case for saving the Mississippi River Delta wetlands. They made their case that the only way to save New Orleans from continuing hurricane threats was through saving the wetlands.

But, oops, due to Global Warming these same wetlands are going to be inundated. If the only way to save New Orleans is to save the wetlands then New Orleans is a basket case.

Will we show a little bit of wisdom when it comes time to rebuild New Orleans? Just how much of New Orleans should really be rebuilt? New Orleans is already below sea level and the sea level, due to global warming, is rising. Will America react to a world that is changing or will we put our heads into the sand?

What has happened in New Orleans is apt to happen again and again in multiple population centers as America learns to deal with rising sea levels.

America can shake her fists in the eye of Mother Nature if we want... but we better give it some thought when it comes time to write the check.

If we are going to spend billions of dollars, perhaps we should spend it on higher ground.


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