Roe vs Wade?

Roe vs Wade? This is the Supreme Court decision that we should be concerned about?

People get all wrapped around the axle about Roe vs Wade. Perhaps this really is the decision that most of us concerned about the abortion issue should be worried about. This is the decision that allows a woman to have an abortion under "some" circumstances but not "all" circumstances. "We" do not want abortion outlawed, we just want some reasonable restrictions.

However the left wing, pro-abortion (or pro-choice) advocates really should be more concerned about Doe vs Bolton. Roe vs Wade can stand however you are not going to get what you want if Doe vs Bolton is overturned or modified.

Roe vs Wade allows restrictions to be placed upon on-demand abortions. Doe vs Bolton is the decision that allows unrestricted abortions up till the baby passes through the birth canal.

Go google Doe vs Bolton and get an education. Roe vs Wade is downright reasonable (to my way of thinking) in comparison.

Judge Roberts says Roe vs Wade is decided law. But what about Doe vs Bolton? Seems everything has revolved around Roe vs Wade. The real damage (as far as I am concerned) was done through Doe vs Bolton. Judge Roberts has not indicated this (Doe vs Bolton) is decided law. Here (Doe vs Bolton) lies the REAL threat to the agenda of uncompromising left wing idealists.

I hope the potential of damage is realized in the Supreme Court by further exploring what this decision (Doe vs Bolton) means.

It amazes me that the left wing does not realize the real threat to their position. They can keep Roe vs Wade standing and still have their position undermined. Roe vs Wade can stand and still they can lose.


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