Drafting Women

I believe women in the armed forces are a good thing.

Yes, their presence does introduce disciplinary problems when young men and young women fail to keep their pants up. I myself took particular umbrage at the introduction of sexual politics into the chain of command.

However, at least in the all volunteer force, women in the military is certainly desirable. All the negatives are outweighed by this: It is better to have a woman who is willing to serve serving in the foxhole or the boiler room then it is to force a man who does not want to be there to serve in her place.

But if women are to be given equal rights in the all volunteer force... if all the negatives can be overcome and dealt with to give them the equal option to serve if they so desire... what about when it comes time for conscription?

Dubyah has not ruled out the use of force against Iran. Negotiations with North Korea are going nowhere. Our all volunteer forces are already stretched thin just supporting Iraq. We better at least start thinking about what type of draft we want if a draft becomes necessary.

If women should be "allowed" to serve in the all volunteer military service then why should they not also then be "forced" to serve in a conscripted service? Everything that can be said about why some woman should not serve can be said about a man. That is unless we are going to premise suitability to serve based on the presence of testicles. If that is true they shouldn't be serving in the all volunteer service either. What about single parent females? The problem should be addressed by what about single parents. There are single parent males just like there are single parent females. In this case, literally, what is fair for the goose is fair for the gander.

Our nation, during time of peace, decided women should make progress in the all volunteer military forces. Women command military ships at sea. Iraq has proven that there is often no such thing as behind the lines service (and we can point to Vietnam as well). Having taken the step towards equality of service what will we now do? Will we step forward or will we take a step back? We should not, can not, remain in place.

My own opinion is that women should be allowed equality. However with equality comes equal responsibility. 18 year old women (including my own daughter) should have to register for the Selective Service. The time has come.


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