Nuclear Proliferation

There has been a positive step in the nuclear nonproliferation front! Finally there are signs of progress on the Korean peninsula.

While this sign of hope shouldn't be looked upon as a final resolution, it is progress.

I am not a big fan of George Dubyah Bush, but let us give credit where credit is due. To the Dubyah team I issue a hearty "Well done". At least thus far. I hope if this progress collapses it is not our side that is at fault... but thus far Dubyah deserves a big pat on the back.

Dubyah's insistence on "Six Party Talks" is yielding results!

But now about Iran...

Is Iran wrong to insist upon the right to a peaceful nuclear program? This is what they are supposedly insisting upon. The Dubyah team is unwilling to trust them.

I am going to admit to being torn by this one. If we expect countries to willingly remain in the NonProliferation Treaty (the NPT) shouldn't we then allow them to do that which is not prohibited by the NPT?

But why does Iran insist upon the path they have laid out? The EU has volunteered to provide them with all the nuclear fuel they could possibly need. The EU will take on the responsibility of radioactive disposal and cleanup that will be necessary to process the fuel. Does Iran think they can do the job better then the EU? Do they think they can do a better job of it then Western nations? That they can complete the task without contamination?

Here in the US vast swathes of our land are contaminated by processing nuclear fuels. Our drinking water is contaminated and our citizens have to deal with spending enormous amounts of money trying to clean up contaminated land. No matter how much money we throw at it, this cleanup will not be perfect. Only time, large amounts of time, are going to make these lands fully safe for human habitation once again.

But Iran wants to join the big boys. The only thing that seems to matter is a point of national pride. Iran is going to take great pride at contaminating their own lands instead of allowing the EU to deal with the contamination for them.

Is it possible that Iranian national pride is that voluminous? Well if we look at American national pride... yeah... I guess it could be.

The Iranian President addressed the United Nations on the matter. My understanding is that he volunteered to allow western companies to become deeply involved in the uranium enrichment process. I am fairly certain he understands the employees of these companies can be seeded with CIA informants who will report back on every misstep he (they) try to make.

OK, Iranians insist, as a point of national pride, they be allowed to process nuclear fuel even though it is rather stupid to do so. This conduct is not prohibited by the NPT.

Let's allow Iran to win their way. But let us point out to Iran that their inclusion in the NPT is nonnegotiable. If they attempt or become successful in developing nuclear weapons we will deal with them as we dealt with/deal with North Korea.

If Iran dares to develop nuclear weapons we will take the gloves off! Their nuclear weapons will not save them.


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