Katrina Taxes

Dubyah says he is not going to raise taxes to pay for Katrina relief.

From what I have heard, some type of plan is going to be brought forward where other government spending is going to be cut to pay for it.

Yeah right. As much as 300 billion in spending cuts? That will be the day. If 300 billion in cuts can be pushed through Congress then why weren't the cuts made BEFORE Katrina? If there is that much fat in the federal budget why weren't we working the butcher knife before now?

You know how I think we're going to pay for Katrina relief? Well how did Dubyah pay for his tax cuts? He borrowed the money. So once again "borrow and spend" Dubyah is going to be running around with his hand out asking investors to bail him out.

I am not saying we should not spend the money. I might differ on how we go about spending the money, but I do think the money should be spent. If a majority of Americans want to help the victims of Katrina out then I think this same majority should also be in favor of a reasonable and responsible way of paying for it. In my opinion plunking down the federal charge card is not a reasonable and responsible way.

Every dime we borrow is going to have to be repaid one day. We're leaving a tremendous burden for future generations. They are going to have to repay this debt with higher taxes or resort to inflation (possibly hyper inflation) to make the debt more manageable. And yes, they too are also going to have to pay for relief for their own natural disasters.

Dubyah says the economy can not afford an additional tax since taxpayers are already paying a virtual tax in the form of higher energy costs. How about this then Georgie? How about a windfall profits tax on Big Oil? Big Oil has been making money hand over fist due to high prices at the pumps. Big oil companies are about the only ones that have been truly benefiting from the Dubyah economy so let's put our hands into the pockets of those who have benefited most from having you in the Oval Office. We do not have to dig too deeply. Just 300 billion or so.

But I guess I should wake up and snap out of it. Splash some cold water on my face and quit dreaming. George Dubyah is in charge of the dreamland remote control we live by. And with Dubyah in control, our dreams, our nightmares, are gonna be "Buy now and pay later!"


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