Harriet Miers Nomination in Trouble?

Is the Harriet Miers nomination for Supreme Court Justice in trouble? As reported in the Washington Times (see here) far right advocacy groups are increasingly speaking up against her. They do not think Harriet Miers is conservative enough for them.

Let's say they are successful in either getting Harriet to withdraw on her own or having Dubyah withdraw the nomination himself. Then what do you think is going to happen? My guess is that if the far right is successful in obtaining a withdrawal Dubyah will then accede to their demands by nominating someone in the Scalia and Thomas mold.

If the nomination is not withdrawn things could get real messy. We might even see a awkward joining of forces of the far left and far right voting to reject her. If this happens is the moderate middle going to stand for it? If Dubyah nominates a right wing extremist to win the support of the far right will moderates stand up and vote down their candidate like they voted down Harriet?

Now I am not saying Harriet is a moderate. Call her, at best, a nuanced conservative. But if she is not conservative enough for the far right, then just what type of candidate is going to make them happy? Oh that's right. They want a Scalia or Thomas clone. And if they get a nominee suitable to them you are going to hear them threatening moderate Republicans with what they are going to do to them if they do not show party loyalty. Meanwhile they expect that their acts of disloyalty must be forgiven and understood.

Harriet Miers is not conservative enough for the far right. Maybe someone needs to remind the hard right that only about a third of Americans self identify themselves as conservative of any persuasion. Conservatives already have Thomas, Scalia and Roberts. Now they are going to get Miers (yes she is a conservative) and still they're not happy. Not even happy with over representation on the Supreme Court.

It would serve them right if Dubyah, in a tiff, nominated a true moderate.


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