Colin Powell for President

I am not going to give up on my dream. My dream is that come next election I will have the opportunity to cast my vote for Colin Powell for President.

OK, OK, Colin does not want the job. Well in my mind that makes him even more qualified. George Washington didn't want the job either.

Why won't Colin run? It was reported he won't run because of his wife. Seems she had a premonition or dream or something that if Colin so much as ran for Vice President he would be assassinated... presumably by one of our racist citizens. And you know something, she could be right.

So what do we do about Colin's wife? Do we show mercy and let our old soldier retire from public service, after all he has already given us a lot. Or do we remain selfish and keep at him to run?

Well it might be selfish, but I am going to keep on dreaming. In Colin I see the one man that might be able to unify a large portion of the American public for common purpose. Yes there will still be naysayers and malcontents, no getting around them. But Colin could unify the largest portion that is possible given the political landscape right now. I see no other candidate on the horizon that has this potential.

So what do we do about Mrs Powell? Someone needs to put their arm around her and whisper in her ear. Whisper how it sure is good for the sake of America, and possibly good for the sake of the world, that she was not married to Martin Luther King. Imagine if MLK had been married to someone who would have held him back. He might still be alive, yes that is the truth. But what kind of nation would we be living in today if not for the actions of the Reverend King?

Martin Luther King stirred our nation with his "I had a dream" speech. Well I too like to dream. I dream of Colin Powell sitting in the Oval Office leading his nation through these trying times... and this dream is so beautiful that I am not going to wake up and snap out of it. I am going to keep on dreaming.


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