Tucking our tails in Iraq

I hate to start sounding like a preacher on this subject but public opinion is rapidly falling against our efforts in Iraq. Recently a strong voice, that of Rep. John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania added his voice to all the voices that want to scream "Yipe, yipe, yipe" like a dog that has tucked its tail between its legs while it beats a hasty retreat.

I was not in favor of the invasion. Amongst the reasons I was against the invasion was that what is occuring was a possibility. I feared that even if the invasion was a good idea (which it was not) the American Public would not have the stomach for the long slog that probably would be required.

Should American troops remain in Iraq forever? No. That would be insane. We should only remain so long as the presence enables a positive outcome. I have not yet given up on hope for a positive outcome. While the candle that burns in the darkness might be a lonely flame it still burns. If we give up on husbanding this lonely flame into a beacon of light we yield to the forces that will attempt to start a wildfire of their own.

Damn you. You cowardly bastards. People like John P Murtha were amongst the foolish voices that got us involved in this shit in the first place. John P Murtha had the power BEFORE we started this crap to help put a stop to it. But he did not do it. Now that we are started he wants to scream "Yipe, yipe, yipe" and tuck tail. He shouldn't feel too lonely. He has a whole lot of company standing where he does.

If America does not like what is happening in Iraq now, just wait and see what happens if we withdraw prematurely. You think things are bad over there now, wait until you see what happens after we get out too early. Think about the possible outcomes. Are ANY of them desirable?

While our government and our media might try to shield us from the results the rest of the world is not going to be so forgiving. The BBC and Al Jazeera are going to be showing the rest of the world what is going on and the rest of the world is going to be screaming "You STUPID EVIL Americans!" We will have EARNED these condemnations. The rest of the world stood against us but you willingly followed Dubyah's leadership into this mess. And now having made the mess we refuse to do that which is necessary to restore some form of order to the mayhem we created. If you were so damn smart you should have spoken up BEFORE we got started. I had people threaten me with shoving an American flag up my ass, flagpole and all, BEFORE we got started.

Well I lost out. Even though majority public opinion supported me, the people with the power, the people with the votes in Congress did not. Mr Murtha was one of those who had the power and he supported our foolish rush into the invasion. Now that his leadership has been exposed for the fool's errand that it is he wants to beat a hasty retreat.

Mr Murtha, thanks to you, and thanks to people like you, we are involved.

The flame that flickers for a possible good outcome might be a meager flame but it still flickers. We might be like a boat adrift in the currents with the leadership of Dubyah, but Dubyah is the leader the American people selected. You Mr Murtha seem to be even worse then Dubyah. You damn cowardly yellow dog, try getting a backbone. Asshole. You helped lead us into this folly and now start trying to lead us out of it. But cutting and running is not an option. You were so wise in getting us in there, so start thinking about a way to get us back out with a favorable outcome. They say you were a Marine. Thank God Marines have proven time and again they are not cut from the same bolt of cloth that you evidently came from. Semper Fi.

If Mr Murtha can't start putting his elderly noggin to good use in the halls of Congress I will ask that the people of Pennsylvania do us a favor and throw the feeble old man out of office. That man disgraces his office, the Marines, and the people of Pennsylvania. Evidently he no longer knows how to lead.


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