Update on toilet seat equality

Update on toilet seat equality. I wimped out. I have given up on my efforts to obtain equality at the toilet seat.

Where did I go wrong? I think it was in announcing what I was doing and letting my wife in on it. After she went to the bathroom a couple times and found the toilet lid down she announced in no uncertain terms she would make life miserable for me. Left unspoken but understood never-the-less was that Thanksgiving is coming up. I could have ended up eating my Thanksgiving meal at McDonalds.

Foiled again.

I bet I could have been successful if I had gone about it more quietly. Why my wife might even have begun to sing my praises for being thoughtful while I secretly practiced my little act of rebellion. I betcha Clint Eastwood wouldn't have had this problem.

One day man will achieve equality at the toilet seat. But quenching this burning desire will have to remain for yet another day. Maybe after Thanksgiving?


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