Iraqis ask us to leave

As reported by MSNBC (see here), Iraqi leadership wants a timetable for our withdrawal from Iraq. The current Iraqi Interior Minister thinks they will be able to meet their own security needs by the end of 2006.

Of course the gathering of Iraqi leaders does not represent the government. It was a conference that included Iraqi government leaders but was not officially the government. However it was a gathering that was more inclusive of Sunnis then the present government is.

New elections under the new constitution are scheduled. Hopefully Sunnis will participate in this election in larger numbers, and if the new government that is formed asks us for a timetable then they should be presented with one. They think they will be ready by the end of 2006? Sounds like a good goal to me.

I do not want us to stay any longer then necessary. I also do not want us to stay there if we are unwanted by the Iraqi people. If Iraqis think they will be ready to shoulder the burden by the end of 2006 then I say we hand it off to them.

Perhaps this will satisfy those over here in America who are starting to demand a timetable as well. Now we have a date, the end of 2006. That's the goal. Let's see what happens in the meantime.


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