Political opportunists

Political opportunists that is what they are.

Have you heard the likes of Hillary? Despite the fact that she was in favor of the war while most of us were speaking against it she now might have a change of heart.

While I was speaking against the war, people like her were urging us on. Now she has second thoughts. Why? Because the "winds of change" have directed she needs to set her sails somewhere else. Back when it would have taken courage to speak against the war she urged us on. Now that the winds have changed? Hillary seeks to grab the favorable winds to victory.

It is not like this woman has an ounce of leadership under her skirts. She lets the winds blow her skirts up from under her exposing her to be the opportunist she is.

That woman will lead us wherever the prevailing winds blow. What America needs is leadership, not someone who will try their best to stand in front of the herd.

America needs someone who will stand strong like the Oak tree in the face of the storm. Someone who will offer leadership instead of followership. Hillary fails. She was amongst those who led us into Iraq. Now she scrambles to try and show us she was leading us all along.

Bitch. You led us in now lead us out. Do not try and claim you never wanted us in there in the first place. You led us in there. Well we followed the likes of you into this dark cavern and the likes of you own the flashlight. Illuminate the path we need to follow.


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