My apologies to Hillary

My apologies to Hillary.

Earlier I called her an opportunist after reading she was in favor of an immediate pullout from Iraq. Seems the article I read might have been in error. I can't recall exactly where I read the report, perhaps it was the New York Times? Grin.

Anyway today I saw a video clip (see here) where she stated a hasty retreat would be a disaster for America. I feel embarrassed about all the mean things I said about her. I guess I should apologize, so here it goes. My apologies Hillary.

I would hope that she has given some thought though as to under what circumstances we should withdraw. I hope that she too comes to the conclusion that if the Iraqis ask us to leave then our job is done. We can do no more. Continuing our presence after the welcome mat is taken away would mean we'll just make matters worse.

This would not be "cut and run" this would just be facing facts. However if the Iraqi government does not ask us to leave? If they think our continued presence can help them to stabilize the situation? If they think our continued involvement will help them to clean up the mess we helped make? Then I think we should stay the course.

We have to listen to the Iraqi people. We can't preach democracy at them and then ignore their elected leaders. If their elected leaders ask us to stay it is my opinion we should reply "Yes, of course." If they ask us to leave we reply "OK, by all means."


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