Critiquing Madonna's "Hung up"

I have fond memories of Madonna's music. I remember hanging out in the bars throughout the world and hearing her songs no matter where I traveled. To this day when I encounter her old hits on the music box I still normally stop and give a listen.

But have you seen the latest Madonna music video that is being pushed? (see here) It's called "Hung up". It's a nice song. Vintage Madonna in that it has the beat that us old timers might call being danceable. But did you see the video?

Madonna trots out her fat thighs for us to ogle at. Someone tell that woman she no longer is a sexpot. She is still a beautiful woman but she needs to find a new way to market her sexuality. Fat thighs don't work. Perhaps she only needs to start doing her dance routines with her clothes on?

Or perhaps she needs to find a way to market her music without sex. She still has the talent. You can still dance to her music. She just has just traveled beyond the optimum sexpot stage. If she wants to appeal on to man's most base instincts, well she is past her prime. She needs to face up to the facts that old age is catching up with her just like the rest of us.

But the song is still pretty good. I probably would find myself attracted to the dance floor by it, just like most of her songs, if the DJ played it while I was around. But if you want to avoid being distracted while you "cut the rug" to her latest release avoid seeing the video. You'll have ghastly images running through your head while you attempt to do your best up there on the dance floor. You have enough of your own problems to deal with without dealing with her's too. Great song. Great beat. But avoid the video.


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