Thinking about Cesar Chavez

I've been thinking once again about Cesar Chavez.

Who is Cesar Chavez? He is the present President of Venezuela. This man has made himself into a mover and shaker on the world scene. Go google him if you are unfamiliar with him. I am trying to keep this brief so I will not attempt to educate you on my own.

Before someone attempts to dismiss me as a "left wing liberal" on this subject, let me point out what a self professed "conservative" like Charlie Reese has to say about Cesar Chavez. (see here) Some conservatives will just say Charlie is not a "real conservative" but then I will just laugh. If conservatives are going to abandon intelligent voices like Charlie from their "movement" they are going to be left picking up the pieces of their "movement" within the ghost town their movement has become. Only a third of Americans self identify themselves as conservatives, and if within the minority, retreating, columns you have some wisdom speaking out from the likes of Charlie you better listen up.

Anyway, less of Charlie's opinion and more of my own. (Here) as reported by the Washington Times you will see how Cesar Chavez is attempting to help at least some of America's most needy. While the man might disagree with our government, the leader of this poor, impoverished nation puts out his hand to America's needy.

I am extremely torn by this one. Is he a saint or is he the devil? On one hand America's most needy live in luxury compared to the needy within his own country. I may not have ever visited Venezuela but with my own eyes I have seen the needy within Brazil. Is Chavez a saint to turn his back on his own needy while helping out the (by comparison) fortunate "needy" within America? These "needy" Americans might be considering eating cat food to exist, but at least for them cat food is an option. Down there in South America exists humans who would swab our shoes with their tongues if we would only serve them up a dinner of cat food.

I am hopeful that Mr Chavez will continue to follow that which he professes. That he will allow for democracy. The man is most certainly intelligent. I see within him attempts to exploit his power for good. But I think he is once again headed towards the dead end. He preaches "new socialism for the 21st Centurty". There is some truth to that. But meanwhile he continues to pump oil into the veins of mankind. He will even be willing to do this at a discount for political gain.

Just how many "cat food eating" people in Massachusetts are going to stay warm this winter while just how many homeless are going to die for want of food in Venezuela?

Perhaps us Americans can return the favor? He provides us with oil and we provide his people with food? We'll keep feeding the world while the world comes to an end? Let no man go hungry while we bring about the end of the world!


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