Black Friday... Good Friday

Black Friday... Good Friday.

Despite how I despise Black Friday I guess I should be grateful. While I would never attempt to wallow around in the bargain seekers my wife got the bargain.

While I would never camp out at the local bargain hooch my wife got up at 03:30 in the morning in the attempt to bring home one of the bargains they advertise. Well she brought home the bacon. Thanks to my wife I am now the proud owner of a 51 inch, wide screen, HDTV ready television. How much did we pay? How much did you pay for yours? Wink, wink, we paid less.

What saddens me is that my wife told me she had run into others that had waited since 09:00 PM the previous night who probably walked away with their desires unfulfilled. My wife arrived at the objective at around 04:30. Doors opened at 05:00. My wife quickly worked her way to the objective. Luckily she fell into just the right line by accident. She was fifth in line for the limited number of wide screen TV's available. By 06:30 I received the phone call to come pick up the booty with my pickup truck.

Not don't get me and my wife wrong. We had the right idea. She set out to sack the treasure chests of the imperialists, but she set out with an agreed agenda. Either she would return home successful or she would return home empty handed, she would not be lured into other purchases if they were sold out. My wife was successful. She came home with a war trophy of a wide screen TV strapped to the back of her pickup truck. What a woman!

Now I get to fantasize about future articles that I will write about how so few stations in my market offer HD signals. Why is it PBS leads the way with their HD signal and the only thing else available seems to be Pay Per View. Why is it? Hmmm?

Black Friday? Well this is the one day I studiously avoid shopping. You won't catch me dead in the check out line. But lucky for me my wife wasn't above the fray. She went and she conquered... and I get to watch my TV on wide screen as a result! I love my wife.


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