Britain prepares to cut and run

Britain prepares to cut and run. (see here)

We're being readied for the withdrawal of British forces from the Iraqi theatre. See the above link.

The Iraqi President says Britain can withdraw by the end of 2006 but America should remain to avoid a civil war. Has anyone ever heard about troop redeployments? If the area that Britain occupies is pacified then they can not redeploy to other hot areas and give us Americans a hand?
Let me remind Britain that whilst Churchill was speaking "This is our finest hour" it was America that came riding to the rescue like the Calvary. Not trying to belittle the awesome behavior of Britain during WWII, that is fact. But us Americans did play at least a minor role in the final victory as well.

But now they want to cut and run on us. They will just find a "British" gentlemanly way to do it. At least when the Spanish slapped us in the face they did it up front.

In my opinion the Iraqis are all in this together. While the occupation continues in Sunni dominated areas it should also continue in Shiite dominated areas. If the Shiites do not like the occupation start listening to the Sunnis. Once things improve for the Shiites they should also improve for the Sunnis. If Shiite areas are "pacified" then Britain only has a desirable piece of real estate to patrol. Not that it has been easy for the Brits. They're having to deal with Iranian influence that is leaking across their share of the borders.

Our goal is not to make Iraq safe for Iranian influence while we suppress only Sunnis. Iraqi President Talabani claims he wants to avoid a civil war. Withdrawal of British forces prior to the withdrawal of American forces is not desirable. I can not be completely sure of what Dubyah's motivation in this war is but I can be sure of mine. I can not be completely sure of Tony Blair's motivation in this war but again I can be sure of mine. My goal is a stable Iraq. My goal is not for an excuse for British forces to cut and run and leave my forces holding the bag.

Why if things are going so rosy in Shiite dominated areas are we talking about complete British withdrawal? Why isn't the topic redeployment? I think the answer is called cut and run.


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