Hillary is at it again

Hillary is at it again.

However this time she gets kudos from me. I have been screaming at her to show some leadership and now at least she is trying to do it. It would be hypocritical of me to scream "Show some leadership" and then not allow her a seat at the table when she tries to express her opinion. She just has to be reasonable with where she tries to lead or I will try to shout her down.

But Hillary, this time, is being reasonable. I might not entirely agree with her but she is at least proposing a way forward. What is she saying? She is saying we wait until after elections in Iraq and then start to say to the Iraqis it is time for them to step up to the plate and start becoming responsible for their own security. This in my opinion is not "cut and run" and it does show she has given some thought to this. It takes into account many of the issues. It perhaps (maybe, maybe not) deals with reality more effectively then my own recommendation for action. (Nah, I still think my way is better.)

But I am fearful that Hillary is only trying to prove herself to be, as I read one figure state, an "Iron Lady" like Maggie Thatcher. That she possesses the intestinal fortitude to be Commander In Chief. Or to put it in common terms, get us to say "That lady has some balls". Grin.

If I had the ability I would put her to the test. Lets see if she has what it takes to sit in the Oval Office or if it is all for show. I would pose this question to Hillary: "You're sitting in the Oval Office one morning and suddenly one of your aides rushes in and tells you to turn on CNN. Terrorists have struck in Manhattan, again, this time with a dirty bomb. I am not going to give terrorists ideas, but let's say they it is not just a half block or two, but they figured out how to contaminate 10 square blocks or so for generations to come. Over the next several hours Al Jazeera starts broadcasting a statement from Osama that once again Al Qaeda has struck a blow against the "Great Satan". Everything comes to a stop in America as nearly every American, and in fact nearly everyone in the world, waits to hear what you have to say. You step to the microphone and what do you tell the world? What are your options? What are you going to do?

In my estimation there are a few correct answers to this scenario. If she comes up with one of my correct answers I would know she is for real. There are no "easy" answers. There are no "good" answers. But there are some correct "bad" answers. If she can explain just why her "correct" answer involves some awful truths and how she is going to explain this to the American people I will give her bonus points.

So how about it Hillary? Still think you have what it takes to lead our nation?


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