Dubyah says it will take time

Dubyah says it will take time.

OK, Dubyah. Stay the course. You led us into this mess and your leadership says "stay the course".

I do not think there were many of us Americans, even the minority that were on your side, who agreed to "staying the course" indefinitely. Just what portion of America is going to have to keep shouldering the burden for the course you have laid out for us? I can guarantee you none who reside at the Dubyah address or who curry up for his favor are making the sacrifices.

Too many of us Americans make the sacrifices while "all the others" reap the benefits. Amongst those not sacrificing but reaping the most benefits are those who contributed most deeply to the continuation of the Dubyah administration. People that voted for you and support you pay with dead children but others who's children do not serve are rewarded with rich profits.

Dubyah, you have three more years. You led us in (you who was not willing to serve yourself, nor was your vice-president) now you lead us out. When you led us in you painted rosy scenarios about how easy it would be. Maybe if you had served a lick of time in Vietnam you would have understood war is never easy. But you placed the rose colored glasses upon America's eyes. You are the one who squandered pro-American opinion where even French headlines declared "We are ALL Americans" to where French people now will be willing to wipe us off their shoes like so much dog excrement. You wasted the chance.

But now we have to deal with where you led us. THREE MORE YEARS. That is all you have to salvage your legacy. THREE MORE YEARS is all you have left to lead us. If you can not accomplish it in three years the next guy (or gal) is going to lead us elsewhere. My own judgement is still going to be that you squandered the opportunity. You were dealt the straight flush but found a way to fold the hand.

THREE MORE YEARS is what you have. You led us in while saying it would be easy. Now show us you can lead when the going gets rough. Show us how we should sacrifice while none of the sacrifices falls upon your shoulders. Show us. You have THREE YEARS. Or start admitting you were wrong and start admitting some other voices to a seat at the table.

Three years might seem like a lifetime. To many people it will be. Get my point?


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