Wealth of opinion

What Republicans call "chaos" I call "wealth of opinion".

See the Washington Times article that I quote from (here).

Perhaps we really are jumping the gun. Perhaps the wisest option is just to wait and see where Iraqi elections lead us. Let us hang tight and allow the Iraqi people some input on the debate. Pardon me for saying that while we over here in America are debating what should happen in Iraq, the Iraqi people are having to live EVERY DAY with what we decide.

But just "which Iraqis" are we going to allow to have a seat at the table? Seems to me that when we start talking about Moslem Iraqis BOTH SIDES seem to be willing to blow us up. So I guess we have to allow the Iraqis to select their own representative. Once we get past transitional government we can start allowing that the Iraqi representative speaks with authority.

Meanwhile for us to plan what is going to happen to Iraq without allowing Iraqis to have some say on the matter is foolish. Let us show some patience. Let us give the Iraqi people a chance. We do not have to bring matters to a head just because Mr Murtha says so.

Potential Iraqi leadership has been forewarned. I think they have been educated on the potential risks and benefits of the course they choose. They too need to be aware that we also have a seat at the table (and ours is a pretty big chair).

But for Democrats I will say this. From their side of the aisle comes a wealth of opinion. I nod more favorably towards them then towards the Republican side which is united (they think) behind one voice that points towards an endless occupation that never ends. Snap out of it Republicans. We are not going to stay there until the end of time. Dubyah's attempts to point towards goals without coming up with a roadmap to get us there is wearing thin. Oh yeah, that's right. Dubyah says "Stay the course".

Perhaps we need to try friendliness with Dubyah? Someone start tickling him. He's being stubborn and we need to show him that while we still love him he needs to start listening to us. Someone give him a tickle. We might even get him to laugh again.


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