Suicide bombing in Israel

Another suicide bombing in Israel. This comes on the heels of renewed Kassam rockets being fired from Gaza.

Sigh. Isn't the Palestinian side supposed to be honoring a cease fire? Some might say these are the actions of only a few extremists. But if that is so then it is time for those that are not extremists to act against those who carried out the attacks. Even Hamas has been continuing to honor the cease fire.

The last (previous) suicide bombing occurred after a Palestinian leader was killed during an Israeli raid. Just what justification is there for this attack?

Recently voices have been rising here in America for "fairness" in the pursuit of a just peace settlement between Palestine and Israel. Such voices will only be muted by actions such as these. Some voices in America (unreasonable voices) claim there will never be peace in this situation until one side or the other is completely demoralized and defeated. That we should allow Israel to grind the Palestinians under their boots and only then will peace be possible. Actions like today's suicide bombing empowers voices such as these.

Some voices, such as that of Mahmoud Abbas, rise to condemn actions such as today's suicide bombing. They rightfully claim they do nothing to promote the Palestinian cause. Perhaps it is time for these voices to stop calling for restraint and start calling for action. Israel has proven, through the Gaza withdrawal, that the majority can act against the extremist minority. If the majority of Palestinians want peace it is time for them to act against the minority that attempt to scuttle the peace.


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