Forgiving Bobby Fischer

Forgiving Bobby Fischer.

If we can forgive so much, isn't it time to forgive Bobby Fischer?

Bobby Fischer was one of my heroes back when I was a kid. His column on chess was my favorite part of Boy's Life magazine.

I understand the man's viewpoint has turned vitriolic towards his native land. I too condemn him for his almost irrational opinion on everything American. However isn't that what often happens to great minds? The reason they are so great is because they tend to walk the razor's edge of that which is known and accepted by everyone else?

I understand the man did in fact break our laws. But would we be setting too broad a precedent by forgiving Bobby Fischer? Bobby Fischer is the ONLY American to have achieved what he did. I say we reward him for what he did while was he was young. Perhaps we can "forgive" with a caveat? We forgive with the understanding we will not tolerate it anymore? Since he has already renounced his citizenship there shouldn't be anything left that we have to tolerate. What? He is going to continue to condemn us? We can take it. He is only exercising free speech and in my opinion he has earned his right to freedom of speech even if he is full of shit.

What am I proposing? I suggest that Bobby Fischer be given a Presidential Pardon. He has already renounced his citizenship, however he still must fear traveling to the wrong place at the wrong time and being extradited back here to the US so that he can pay for his "crime". I want to allow him to even travel back to the good ole USA if he wants. I also want the freedom to throw him a parade if WE want, throw him a ticker tape parade in New York city perhaps. We can still celebrate his success even if we disagree with him for his speech.

Please do not tell me a Presidential Pardon is not appropriate in Bobby Fischer's case. Don't force me to dig up past examples of the type of people who have received one. If people like past examples can qualify for a pardon then so can Bobby. People like Bobby Fischer are the types of people the Presidential Pardon was dreamed up for. If we can abuse the Presidential Pardon by giving it to undeserving souls certainly we can give it to someone deserving.

Call me weak if you want but I want to keep on loving my boyhood hero. That man was an inspiration to me. I even want to attempt to get him to love the rest of us once again. In my mind Bobby Fischer will always remain an American Hero. If we take the first step and reach out our hand to him maybe we can get him to think we all are not so bad after all.

It probably won't work. It seems that man has gone so far off the path that nothing, even this, will not get him to change his opinion of us. But I do not care. If ever a Presidential Pardon was called for it is called for in the case of Bobby Fischer. He is still an American hero, even if he does not want to be.


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