When does affirmative action for gays end?

When does affirmative action for gays end? To put it in other words, just when does the heterosexual male get equal time on the TV and in the media?

What am I talking about? From MSNBC comes (this), heterosexual males now have to listen to gay guys telling us how to be heterosexual.

As a reposte I will talk about "Project Runway" that is offered recently on the TV. Does anyone notice how this program is also anti heterosexual male? Come on. This program discriminates against heterosexual males. Why? All the male designers are gay. I watched one man that couldn't stop from breaking into tears as his creation was criticized.

I live in a household with a wife and a young almost at the end of her teenaged years lady. If we are going to watch television together I have to watch my share of chick centered offerings. But why is it that when the male is represented in this program we only get the gay guy? Why can't the heterosexual male be represented?

What would I do if I was asked to be one of the designers? Every girl that sported the design of one of my creations would be wearing a bikini. I would only alter the design with different colors and, if I was trying to be daring, tie die. If I thought I could get away with it she would be wearing a thong. The judges seem to judge on sexiness. I'd give them sexy. Raw sexy. If they chose to question me on my design I would just give them the accepted (I just got done watching football) reply of "Well what's wrong with that? You wanted sexy and I put her in a bikini so I win." Sexy clothing as it appeals to the heterosexual, worn by females, is only that clothing that is appropriate in public and entices the male to think about what the female is going to look like when we get her clothes off.

If "Project Runway" was trying to appeal to the male audience it would only consist of perfect models traipsing down the runway in bikinis, the less fabric involved while still keeping within the rules would gain bonus points. But "real men" are not allowed to judge. Even the judges that happen to be men are? What?

But I take real offense at gays who presume to tell us "real men" how to be real men. Guys like that do not understand what is involved in being a "real man". Guys like that have no experience in trying to be a man while trying to keep a woman pleased. They just have no idea.


Blogger Michael said...

Aren't you being just somewhat petty here?

There is an absolute plethora of TV programs where manly men have sex with women.


12/09/2005 01:07:00 AM  
Blogger Little David said...

Yeah, you are probably right I am just being petty.

But I do not think I am not too far off target. At least here in America the "gay viewpoint" seems to be rather fashionable and it is starting to look like it is getting to be over represented.

Do they have "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on TV down under? It is "reality TV" where gay men do a fashion make over on heterosexual men.

Perhaps I can put up with programs like this but to also have to put up with gays lecturing heterosexual men? If a heterosexual man attempted to do the same to a gay man what would the reaction be?

I think I know what would happen. Somehow they would find a way of accusing the heterosexual man of being homophobic.

But I will admit being petty. I will also admit to enjoying it while I was being that way. Grin.

12/09/2005 04:03:00 PM  

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